Last night I wrote three lists – one for me, and one each for the Smalls. Everything that had to be accomplished before they looked at a screen. Upon waking, Small Z scowled at her list and drew ‘NO!’ picture on it. Small DB barely looked at hers.

The former then had a change of heart. The list appealed to the part of her that likes a job well done – she crossed out her ‘NO!’ drawing and started doing and ticking off her tasks.

Small DB? She was told that there would be no screen if she didn’t do her jobs… And proceeded to quietly crumple up her list and put it in the bin. (I retrieved it for photographic purposes.)

Although she did do the violin and cleaned her bedroom floor, that was it. A work in progress.

124/365 • this is the list I left out for them this morning - Z overcame her initial disgust (note crossed out picture) and ticked off each item as she completed it. DB? Chucked hers in the bin  (and yes, Daisy = Dai and Zoe = Doh) • #124_2016 #parenting