Feeling a little wrung out from the day before and not had a lot of sleep. The Smalls showered me with homemade cards and together with M they gave me a FUNCTIONAL PRESENT. A care package – of blue cheese, dukkah, GF bread and a bottle of Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc. M and Small DB cooked up some egg-in-a-hole and I was plied with tea.

116/365 • cooking up Mother's Day egg-in-a-hole • #116_2016 #mothersday #5yo #breakfast #liveaboard #Autumn2016 #love #biglove

Basically I sat on my arse at the table and did nothing but update my blog and poke around on my iPad, in between reading chunks of True Spirit, which I am really enjoying. By about 2pm the natives were restless (and somewhat annoying) so I took them to the McClelland Sculpture Park – we had intended to meet E & Co. for a wander, but she felt about as flaked out as I did, and decided on attempting to recuperate.

Of course, I could have asked M to take the Smalls out, but I WANT HIM TO FINISH THE BOAT (have I mentioned that before?) so I left him doing wiring and the Smalls and I took a damp walk – I was glad we did. This photo is from before I shrieked:

“Next year for Mother’s Day, you know what I’m doing? I’m going on HOLIDAY.”

…and they both cried…
117/365 • a bit of sunshine amongst the sculpture from today's moody 8yo • #117_2016 #mothersday #8yo #rainy #Autumn2016

Their bickering was unbearable. Of course, what I would prefer to happen next year is for M to take THEM on holiday, leaving me with cheese, wine and the Internet for two days. (Got that, M?)

Although it goes against all the requirements of nutritious movement I did very much enjoy my time of being a couch-vegetable, reading and quaffing tea… I should probably do a bit more of that…