I keep wondering why I have no time to sit and knit while looking after this house. This is why —> having a larger kitchen has spurred me back into cooking and doing new fermentation experiments. There is also the shed that is full of ingredients for sewing and making, but that’s another post. Food has been taking up a chunk of my time – in a good way. There are a ba-zillion cookery books here and I have only delved into a few of them.

Simplicious is the main one I have been looking at – but I have also been trawling through all the recipes that I regularly add to my Endnote ‘recipes’ notebook. (I continue to love Endnote – it is excellent.) Having an oven is lovely.

My cooking inspirations have been helped along by having an abundance of EGGS! Thank you chooks! As well as fresh herbs, as well as bits and bobs from the vegetable garden. In order to jog my memory I have been photographing the efforts that I want to make again.

BBQ chicken and sweet potato with spinach, cherry tomatoes, toasted sunflower seeds and a mustardy honey vinagrette. (And yes, this one was taken at the boat earlier in the year, but I want to remember it!)
Roast sweet potato & BBQ chicken salad

Two ingredient pancakes via @jowhitton and the white stuff in the jar? – I call it Accidental Milk Kefir Cheese. Milk kefir and I have not quite made friends yet – I keep trying to make a thin kind of yoghurt consistency and failing. I read somewhere to try straining off some whey, leaving the thicker bit on the bench for a few days – so that’s what I did – it’s sort of like labna crossed with cottage cheese? Tastes good! I will persevere.

Milk kefir cheese & two ingredient pancakes

Chia and coconut porridge topped with shredded apple and chocolate buckinis

Chia porridge

The combination of hot weather and being yet to fully master my pressure cooker on the boat have meant that my chicken soup/stock has rarely been seen over the past few months. However, here in the Large Housesitting Kitchen – it’s a different story. I’ve returned to roasting a chook each week, making the stock and then inventing a soup. This is chicken zoodle celery soup – much loved by Small DB, who requested to have it “every day from now on.”

Chicken Zoodle Soup

These are FOR THE WIN! Raspberry gummies. Actually, the way I have been making them, they are Probiotic Raspberry Gummies! Three ingredients – raspberries, water kefir and gelatine. They’ve become a regular.


Actually, these failed last time I made them (a few days ago) as I used more raspberries than usual (to finish them off) and forgot to increase the gelatine to match. So I ended up with what I called Raspberry Squish. This morning I wondered what I could do with it (other than eat it all with a spoon) and stumbled on Lamington Jars from one of my favourite food places: Wholefood Simply – it worked beautifully… (sorry – they got eaten before I could immortalise them).

The last picture I can find in my collection are these – two ingredient ‘breakfast muffins’ – I lined muffin cups with bacon, poured in some whisked up eggs and baked them. Went well! The oven remains a delightful novelty…

Smoked ham and egg 'muffins'

Also – the Paleo Chocolate Mousse was eaten too fast to be photographed, but the recipe is here