We have been housesitting at the farm for just over a week. I call it a farm, and it kind of is – there are maybe 25 or 30 sheep here, a cat and about 16 chooks. Not to mention a whole lot of fruit trees, a vegie garden, three roosters and…omg… WIFI!! Mostly I am enjoying the fridge and freezer space and just the fuidity that comes with appliances such as the dishwasher, and not having to turn on the generator when I want to use the thermomix!!

055/365 • waiting for their dinner • #055_2016 #sheep #latergram #gumtrees #housesitting #Summer2016 #morningtonpeninsula

But the other awesomeness is – we are back in Hastings! The only town the Smalls have ever known (oddly enough) and it has significantly cut down on the time that we spend in the car – mostly going to karate, the library and the shops. That is a definite win.


My mother came and looked after the Smalls on Sunday and Monday – she stayed over. I spent both days…wait for it…. at the boat helping M with the ceiling panels.

Starting work on the ceiling panels.Two ceiling panels up.

It was so liberating. I have such a powerless role as far as the boat-build goes. Everything resides in the Head of M – for some reason I struggle with even the smaller things that I should take on, such as finding ways to keep things secure once we are on the water. But that, I think, is the crux of it. I can’t imagine that we ever will be. It has taken too long. I am in denial.

However, it was great to have a few days off parenting and feel useful in a practical way. M and I work well together – it’s just that we rarely get the opportunity because someone always needs to be doing the parenting. Here’s a little timelapse of some time in the shed….