My cousin and her family of boys left her eyrie on Moreton Island in Queensland and travelled down to Victoria. They dropped past the boatyard on their way to visit the Relics (her parents, my uncle and aunty) – it was so great to see them all that I neglected to take any photos! Their smallest one is almost two and I nearly just grabbed him and ran – him and all his baby goodness. The bigger one has become a sublime creature full of curiousity and conversation. He and Small Z spent a large amount of time pretending to be wicked witches…

Our face to face contact has been fleeting, so we headed down to Binginwarri to try and get a bit more time together and also to hang out with the Relics – which is always a joy. Their house is a bush oasis, somewhere that you can sit on the verandah and watch parrots decorate the trees. Possums come down at night for pieces of apple – it is pretty much a nature lovers paradise.

Good morning Binginwarri

M came along for the adventure this time, which made things a little easier on me – an extra person to wrangle the Smalls. I think Sam and I managed to have several conversations that were uninterrupted for at least a few minutes. To have all our Smalls running around together was special – and of course, the more there are, the more entertained they stay!

Parrots. The view from the verandah.

We took the caravan, which slowed down our journey quite a bit. But travelling through the Gippsland hills always makes me feel closer to my dad – hanging out with his brother and sister-in-law is balm for my soul in that regard.

Here are the Smalls, breakfasting in the sun on the verandah…

Smalls breakfasting in the sunshine

And this is how my aunty has always boiled eggs. In a tin. I just had to capture it for posterity.

How my aunty boils eggs. In a tin.