• Food – packing snacks to try and get us through the day without buying extras
  • Music – first violin lessons of the year
  • Travel – off the peninsula, on to the peninsula – many kilometres in the car
  • Books – going to Frankston Library and revelling in its hugeness
  • Friends – catching up at Small DB’s karate practice, crocheting, chatting
  • Mayhem – the Smalls spending too long on a spinning thing at the playground and Small DB vomiting an ocean of hard boiled eggs, yogurt and sushi without any warning over herself and a quarter of the car when we are halfway home…
  • Teamwork – I hose her down and put her in the bath, M throws together a great dinner and then goes out to be the Sick Remover while I wash up and coax Smalls to bed
  • Wine – I say cheers to my Dad over a glass of two of white wine – Small Z hugs me, and asks,
    “Should we make Beard a cake?”
    “No, I don’t think so. We are thinking of him, and he is in our hearts. Cheers and Happy Birthdays are enough.”
    “OK mama. Happy birthday, Man With Beard.”