Z picks up her violin and tries to play a few tunes to practice – it sounds like she’s sat on a cat. 
“I can’t play! I can’t play! There’s been too many gaps in my practice and I can’t remember it! And I haven’t practiced my karate either and everyone else will have been practicing and practicing. I’m STUPID. I’m STUPID. Everyone will expect me to be good at karate and I won’t remember ANYTHING.”

She wails and rants and cries in this vein for ten minutes before returning to the violin, tentatively trying ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.

“Oh!” She says, immediately consoled, “I think it’s out of tune!”
Catastrophe averted, karate forgotten. The more fatigue, the more superlatives… All the females on this boat need A Good Sleep – after three nights of camping, one night disturbed by bad dreams and a late night sleeping over at the Nana’s. Goodnight…