016/365 • together again - it's been too long between catch-ups @mitchell_jess • #016_2016 #Summer2016 #friends #sisters #5yo #8yo #7yo  #catamaran #love #4coeliacs
Ahh, the joy of catching up with like-minded friends. Yesterday our former neighbours came for lunch and stayed for dinner. It was heavenly. The Smalls have all known each other since the little ones were born – they clicked into their old grooves, built cubbies, played cards, hung out on the boat and in the caravan – we barely heard from them. They brought fresh oysters!! I must have eaten thirty. They were uber delicious. J had brought me a cookbook to look at, which would have been fine, except I’d bought the same one for her to look at – great minds.

It was a very happy day. The guys and the four Smalls tried out i-Foam – the dinghy that he built that will hang from the back of the catamaran and will basically be our main means o transport to and from shore. It apparently performed admirably – but J and I wouldn’t have known as we were happily drinking white wine on the lounge, out of the sun and the wind.

Waiting for a ride in Foamy