Sun Days & Library Lifeboats

I don’t do extremes. Extreme cold, extreme heat – the latter is worse than the former. You can remedy the cold with more layers, but the options on a day of 42 degrees are limited. Particularly in a boat sitting in a boatyard. Which is why I took the Smalls off to the library for the day. After we had done a bit of family birthday shopping, we literally spent five our six hours in Frankston Library – finding books, making birthday cars, updating iPads – there is a little cafe there and they let you DRINK TEA IN THE LIBRARY! Was there ever a more welcome thing?

We sat right opposite a big bank of Windows – it was hard to tell how hot it was outside – I kept checking on my phone, and it kept telling me it was over 40 degrees. I refused to get in the car to go home or anywhere else until the forecasted change arrived. At about 6.30pm it became obvious – the trees were bending in the wind and a blast of rain came down. We were free to drive back to the boat.

The boat, however, had retained the heat of the day. Everything was HOT. I’d been inside ten minutes and became a sweating aggravated version of my previous self – which is why I fed the Smalls guacamole with carrots and cucumber to dip in it, and a bowl of yoghurt each – for dinner. There was NO way I was cooking a thing and adding to the heat.

Such conditions are pushing me toward pursuing the house-sitting gig I have been offered for five weeks in a month’s time. We spent Small Heaven. The temptation of thick brick walls, nectarine trees, sheep, chooks and wifi is pretty attractive. M, I think, will be a bit lonely – which I am a little worried about. – but he reassures me he will visit regularly. – it’s only 20 minutes drive away. That’s what’s on my mind right now.


Zoe is Eight. A happy birthday…




  1. I’ve been on holiday sorry I missed wishing Z happy birthday. I’m not good at tolerating heat either and certainly not those temperatures. I’m sure I’d be going a little bit insane and wanting to get to somewhere cooler as well.

  2. Have passed on your Happy Birthdays 🙂 I will never be able to live on a tropical island…

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