Finally. A day at home.

We moved aboard on the evening of February 19th – I had the following day to fling a few things together – and somewhere else I needed to go Every. Single. Day. since that time. Jeeeeez. Today was my window. My island of NOT GETTING IN THE CAR FOR ANYTHING. AT ALL. Broken leg? Busted arm? Wait until tomorrow. Yes, I should have taken the clothes to the laundry. Yes, we should have gone to Small DB’s kindergarten picnic. I did neither. I remain glad.

Pancakes for breakfast. Egg in a hole for lunch. Risotto for dinner. I convened with the shipping container and found the doona covers and matching pillowcases I found for the Small’s bunks about a year ago. But I am anti-doona because of information like this – so a chunk of my day was spent stitching (maybe it is called ‘basting’? big fast stitches that are easy to pull out if required) a woollen blanket and a cotton blanket together in a skinnyish bunkbed shape (one each for each bunk) and then doing the same stitching along each doona cover to make it match the width of the blankets inside it. A little ungainly, but they look good tucked in! Pictures will be added…after we return from the kindergarten working bee tomorrow.

UPDATE: – as promised…

New doona covers and pillowcases

DB. On the big bed.

I made up the queen-sized bed in the other hull – all pretty and waiting for the first sleep-over boat guest or whoever needs some alone time. My fancy mattress has fresh sheets on it. It has begun to feel a bit less like camping somewhere for a little bit and more like a cross between glamping and home. I had my first shower here – the little 12volt pump in a bucket of warm water and me dancing around the bathroom in a novel fashion…

Have you ever spent an extended amount of time in a space that is mostly glossy white? The amount of dust and pubic hairs that will assault your vision in a matter of days is enough to make me want to send us adults for a full body wax and close all the hatches forEVER. The boatyard is dusty. We are hairy.

In less festy news, I finally found our iPad mini which will act as our internet hotspot. Thank the LORD for that. I still need to come up with storage solutions for our clothes – I’m thinking pockets of netting to start with?! The tide continues to captivate us – I am very grateful to be so close to the water – I am also grateful not to be ON the water yet, as doing all the settling in stuff would have been a zillion times harder.

The little cloud on next week’s horizon is that we have been invited to dinner by our landlords – owners of the boatyard. I explained that we are coeliac and they said they knew all about that and not to worry. But my understanding is that people think they know, but they are not across all the dramas – that I cannot eat their butter because they’ve dipped crumb covered knives in it – that I can’t have their salad because they used brown vinegar in the dressing. I HATE bringing this shit up – but I am going to have to go and talk to Lady Boatyard again about it, because the only thing I hate more than sounding like a picky picky pain in the arse, is getting glutened and turning into a coldsore covered dehydrated psycho for a month. Over and out.

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  1. Nice photos I’m enjoying them and the bedding worked out well. It was an interesting article to read about the doonas (duvets?). I have one on our bed and there are some nights I can’t get to sleep because it’s hot so maybe I need to get rid of it. Maybe just suggest that you take your own meal over for dinner and then your hosts don’t have to worry about the gluten? Love the photo at the end with M and the kids, it really is a big boat and looks so nice and sleek, he’s done a great job on it.

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