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Mirabel Bun-anza Bunny

I could not pass up the opportunity to get my craft on while we were housesitting. My friend is a former art teacher and sewing teacher, as well as homeschooling her three daughters. She has more craft supplies that you could ever dream of – and then I read about the Mirabel Bun-anza and got bunny focussed. I didn’t have a sewing machine, so it’s not as neat as it could be…

Bun. For the Mirabel Bunanza.

The Smalls and I love him, but he will be posted today so someone who needs him more than us can fill his ears with their secret hopes – and give him lots of cuddles.


A Mitey Housesit


Two days on the hard


  1. So cute you did a good job on him, someone is going to give him lots of loving.

  2. Claire

    Good to see you got your craft on!

  3. Oh thank you Karen and Claire! And it’s awesome to know that people still check in here, after some breaks in updates! I’m hoping to make one or two more – but I don’t know if the Smalls will let them go…

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