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Small Heaven

Me: “So, DB, what do you think about not living in our old house anymore and hanging out in the caravan and at the farm?”

DB: [shrugs] “Oh, I’m just happy wherever my family is.”

Me: [silent dance of victory disguised by elaborate casualness] “Yeah, me too.”

Looking for fruit.

The house we are staying in is not your average house. It is double brick, designed by the owners, who lived in a shed on the property while it was built about 13 years ago. That was when their first baby was born.

At that time they planted many trees, particularly at the back of the property – and these are all now mature eucalypts – they are amazing. All of the trees have been planted by them – confirming my belief that as soon as you’re living somewhere that you plan to stay for a while – PLANT TREES – because they will quietly grow while you build/breed/renovate – and suddenly you’ll be harvesting lemons/nectarines/pears and be so thankful you did.

On the inside is a World of Books (as well as a World of Toys) and Small Z is like a kid in a lolly shop. You can’t speak to her. She is trying to get through as many as she can before we have to leave.

Yesterday I met my friend Judy in my favourite bookshop. We haven’t seen each other for over a year, so there was a lot of nattering. Small DB wearied of this after a while, but Small Z did not peep for an entire hour. I had no idea where she was and had not a single bit of worry.

When we finished, I found her here. Perfectly happy.

She didn't move for an hour.


Running to stand still


A Mitey Housesit


  1. Looking at the picture of Z with the books instantly transported me back to my childhood and libraries.

  2. I think you and I (and Z) were the same kid. Book obsessed. She has read so many of the Roald Dahl books multiple times – she loves re-reading!

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