It has been seven years since M and I approached the front door of the house in Emerald. Me eight months pregnant and carrying a container of pesto – only to stumble on the way in and splatter it across almost every freshly painted surface. The top floor of the house was not complete. The vibe inside had changed to something warm and concentrated. All of our attention was on this tiny baby – less than six pounds – who had been born a few days prior, after a long long labour, into the bath still in the caul.

For the majority of the time I first met him on that day, I was under the impression he was called Kai… It wasn’t until E and I went for a walk together I realised he had been named Elijah. And today he turned seven.

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[…this is one of my favourite EVER photos…]

Unquantifiable amounts of change and coincidence have happened in those seven years. The Smalls and I were so happy to be able to share a birthday dinner with him and his family last night – Happy Birthday Elijah – seven is a pretty big deal.

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