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Enforced Captivity Breeds Potential

Small DB has been under the weather since last Thursday – she is quite happy, but her little voice is hoarse and she sounds like a baby bear. Her stamina is a bit lacking. The other thing is… she doesn’t want to leave the house.

It has been somewhat trying – but in the absence of rain on Friday and Saturday, I cranked up the lawnmower and obtained Physical Activity Via Lawn Maintenance. It is quite meditative – I wear earmuffs so I can’t hear anything – including the Smalls ripping each others arms off, or, in the case of Small DB – shrieked requests to wipe her bum.

365/219 • cuddle time - DB is SO cheeky • #2014_ig_219 #6yo #3yo #backyard #winter #latergram #love

Generally they spent their time filling buckets with the bazillion grapefruit that have fallen to the ground. We have juiced two litres for the freezer so far, and have HEAPS more to do.

365/220 • this is just half of them! • #2014_ig_220 #somanygrapefruitsolittletime #juice #backyard #winter #citrus #forthefreezer #onelemon

And in between the rain showers there has been trampoline time – they are loving it when I throw the big ball over the net to try and hit them – and I get to run around a bit as they throw it back to me. I’m trying to get more movement in – but it’s hard in winter!!

There has also been cooking – chicken stock/broth – whatever you like to call it – in the slowcooker 24/7 – I have been able to make chicken noodle soup for Small DB on demand.

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And – thank goodness for the photos on my phone to remind me – I have also been making butter. There is a certain Farmer’s Union cream that is often close to its use-by date and thus on sale at the supermarket. It has no added gelatine or weirdness, so I’ve been turning it into butter…and using the buttermilk for pancakes… Thank you Thermomix 🙂

[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”503px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]The beginnings of butter[/dropshadowbox]

So we made it through our days of houseboundness… in some ways it was quite refreshing to have nowhere to go and nothing (urgent) to do. Small DB is on the mend and the daylight hours are getting longer. We’re nearing the tail-end of Winter and that is good – because I’ve kind of had enough of it.

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  1. I’m the opposite with days getting darker, not looking forward to it either.

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