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Testing! 1-2-3…

I have reignited the flame of my geekiness and it is burning…at both ends. I have been staying up stupidly late, trying to wrestle my blog into shape. Tune out now if this is of no interest, it’s going to last a while…

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First of all I tried about forty or so different themes. There are SO MANY WordPress themes now. I date back to the dark ages where you had to come up with stuff on your own. Now, everyone and their dog are designing. However, although they all have wild and wonderful names, most of them look tediously similar. If I see one more front page with the big fat horizontal picture with three columns underneath it, I’m going to puke.

Boring WordPress Theme

In the time it has taken me, I should have just tried to put my own together, but the learning curve (to produce something interesting) is steep. I finally found one that didn’t suck, but the tweaking…. The tweaking is dire. I have had to reinstall because the sidebar, for some reason, fell to the footer. I became irrationally obsessed with having beautiful ‘gallery’ styled posts – which would have been easy, if I didn’t want to keep all my photos hosted on Flickr…

That paragraph above? I will make an embarrassing confession. I spent two and half hours in the library with my laptop this afternoon, while the Smalls were wrangled by my mother (I haven’t got to the confession bit yet). I was so excited to have a chunk of time to sort my blog out. But. I spent the whole time trying to figure out the sidebar issue. I ended up reinstalling the whole thing, altering code, disabling plugins, the works…to no avail.

I went home completely demoralised. And then looked at my site in a different browser. It worked fine. And in a flash, I realised that I’d had Chrome magnified to 110% – it had been the BROWSER THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME. [—> face palm /]

Hilariously stupid. Sigh… I continue to struggle with using the gallery post option (that makes posts look like this one) as it will only use images uploaded into the WordPress media library. This drives me nuts – I have a TERABYTE of space sitting on Flickr that I can use, I don’t want to clog my miaow server space if I can avoid it. But as it is, I will just have to make my gallery posts few and far between until I discover a solution/workaround.

I have tried multiple plugins to try and sort out this issue, but am not having much luck. They work, but they don’t look nearly as good. Anyway – here is the end of my geek diatribe. I have been living in a world of uploading, tweaking, reloading and testing for the last five days at every available opportunity. I would *love* to just take a week away in my caravan with delicious food and high speed wifi and focus on it every day. Dream on…


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  1. I admit that I’ve stuck with the same format since I started blogging. I’ve tried looking at a few others but I like what I have but there was a time back when wordpress updated their site and it took a while to try and figure out how to work things and I panicked. I’m still not that familar but if I can write and post pictures I’m happy. My blog is just a diary of my creative side so I’m not too fussed about the whole thing; if people read or get any benefit out of what I’ve posted then I consider that’s a plus. It’s kind of funny because there have been times that I’ve looked up and googled stuff and I’ve pulled up my own blog, lol, I’ve forgotten that I’ve done something and there it is. I’ve a bad memory another reason for keeping a blog. I recently sewed a quilt that I’d lost the pattern too. I did this by going back to my blog and looking at the photos I’d taken of the previous quilt and managed to figure out what I’d done. Great thing blogs.

  2. The geek in me loves the tweaking, but I also REALLY love the blog as a memory keeper and a memory jogger! I looked back recently through the archives to find the post where I made a kite. I love that there is an accessible history (of sorts) to my recent existence – and using blogs to record craft projects is awesome!

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