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I have songs inside me, swimming like those deep sea fish. Songs with their own little lights dangling dimly over their heads, eyes huge in the darkness. I’m beginning to realise that maybe no new songs will grow until I let the old ones out.

Fish - by Tummy Mountain

There is a 1995 song in there. 1995 – that’s back when pterodactyls flew and I wrote a song on my guitar in the house I shared in North Caulfield. The band played it a few times, but it was a pain in the arse, because I had to swap from bass to guitar to do it – and my guitar playing wasn’t really up to scratch. I’d written something more complicated than I could perform.

There are songs from 1998, 1999 and then a few more over the years that followed. I know that after we moved back from Queensland in about 2005 I wrote quite a lot of songs. I had my guitar set up in the front room of the house we shared with our friends in Hampton. After I rode my bike home from work, I would go in there and play for an hour or so. It was awesome. I began experimenting with different tunings and even played one, totally scary, solo gig.

And then. And then. My workload increased, while my hours did not. I lost my spark. We moved out. I quit my job. M and I became homeless gypsies for a few months…and then we began to build the boat. At some point I hope we will have a place where there will be a room – a music room – where guitars can sit in their stands, plugged into amps and ready to go. I still have a couple of amps. Three guitars. A mic stand. All dusty, all waiting in the shed. Waiting for me to get my shit together and clean those old songs out, to make room for some new ones.


The weirdest thing? A few hours after I wrote this, M said to me, “Have you seen what Mung has put on up Facebook? He’s transferred all your cds online on to BandCamp.” I was gobsmacked. Went and checked them out. Had a bit of a nostalgia festival. How is it possible to record the vocals for a song and utterly, utterly forget it exists…until you hear it again. I listened to Ep3 – my favourite Bidston Moss recording. It still rocks. πŸ™‚


And in further serendipity, Mung visited us out of the blue last night. He told me about his recording setup. I told him about my theory of clearing out the songs on my internal hard drive to make space for some new ones. “Do it!” he says, “Come down and we’ll do some recording!”
I am tempted. I am musing. I’ll have to find out where my electric guitar has got to…


On being craptastic


Old cars.


  1. Spencer

    I would love to do a TV show called the greatest music never heard! Bidston Moss would be episode 1.

  2. Ha! Bidston Moss would provide the THEME TUNE.

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