A wriggly was the slithy toad
Pursued at length by Splodge
But better than a brown snake 
Or echidna christened Podge
Meanwhile Stray Cat loungeth
In fleeting spates of sun
Musing on his dinner…
Cat croissant or a Bun?
Seven times a robin
Flew from tree to tree
Waiting for the cats to 
Sleep or scratch a flea.
King Parrots and rosellas
Waiting for the oats
The river’s started rising
Back paddock moats
Fire burning orange
Laundry getting warm
Humber sheltered under
In case there is a storm
Magpies on the gargle
Wombat’s on the move
A pot of tea to warm you
Shattered hearts to soothe.

Written in June 2014
Published 18 May 2015 (and backdated)