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This week, for reasons dictated by the stars, I received good loving from good friends. I posted about the beautiful cross-stitch caravan cushion that I will treasure forever. After we had left Coburg, trailing the caravan behind us, we headed to L’s house. It has been a while between catch-ups and it was supposed to be a day of hanging out, speaking Thermomix and weirdoes dietary restrictions…

As it turned out, we were running late. The other-halves were present. As well as the five children we have managed to accumulate between us. But it was all good. Lovely L had SO gone out of her way to brighten my coeliac heart – down to washing the chickpeas, drying them in the oven and making flour from them to use in her GLUTEN FREE CAKE. Can you see me bowing down before her? By god, I would have been if I hadn’t have been too full of tea…and cake. Did I mention the cake? Thank you L 🙂

A day later I got a message from my cafe friend B asking if I wanted to go through some clothes she was purging. OF COURSE I DID!! My greatest op-shopping challenge has always been finding long sleeved tops that I don’t hate. I scavenged through her cast-offs and JOY! RAPTURE! Plain, simple long sleeved tops – several of them. A great navy jacket. Singlets. A few plain t-shirts. A skirt that I probably won’t wear but was unable to resist…

365/160 • a skirt that came to me in a whole pile of awesome clothes from @dettestarlala who is purging her wardrobe  and some sunshine painted by my dear DB, because I really need some right now • #2014_ig_160 #friends #clothes #recycling #grateful #3yo

As this week has turned out – I am more grateful than usual to have been on the receiving end of the loveliness – caravan cross-stitch, coeliac friendly cake and recycled clothes have bolstered me. Thank you.


Pilgrimage and cross-stitch


Loch. (For my dad.)

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