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Pilgrimage and cross-stitch

Last weekend we made our annual pilgrimage to visit Mr H for his birthday. Last year it was Venus Bay and the year before that it was Lake Eppalock (of which I appear to only have blogged the start of the rather epic journey…)

On this occasion our destination was Coburg. Where the H’s live in their very own house. I have been there once before with the caravan in tow – this time, M came along for the festivities. Although it was the birthday of Mr H, I was gifted something extraordinary…something splendiferous…something STARTLING in its perfection. This:

365/158 • my amazing friend Anne Marie has been working on this covertly for TWO YEARS - a crossstitch of a vintage caravan just like mine - the photo doesn't do it justice - there is so much detail! The titles of books on the shelves, the clock...it's am
Caravan Cross Stitch
[click on the one directly above for the awesome large-scale version – this means YOU Karen.]

Mrs H created this wonder. It is in cross-stitch. Do you not SWOON with the amazing detail in this thing? It is really, really remarkable. When I put it up on Instagram I got the most ‘likes’ of any photo I had ever posted!! But more than that is the fact that so much love and work has gone into it – thank you Mrs H – I will love it (and you) forever…

Meanwhile, after I eventually forced myself to stop fawning over the above, we embarked on a night of ‘The Sweeney’ in honour of Mr H. This involved reruns of that television show amid much wine and hilarity. Do not underestimate the comic value of the world’s widest lapels… Indeed, we had such a nice time, we stayed an extra night 🙂

Small DB again sampled the wonders of a warm bath in the backyard…

365/157 • bathing in a backyard - it is SO cold this morning • #2014_ig_157 #3yo #sundaymorning

It was quite startling to realise that I actually watched the second part of ‘The Hobbit’ almost in its entirety, while the Smalls slumbered in the caravan. [B-O-G-G-L-E] Mrs H and I also managed a solo wander and some deeply needed cafe time, from which we both emerged reinvigorated 🙂

Mr H had arisen early to track a carp to its lair (his current obsession) and his fishing rod was actually whizzed away from him by a carp…he (naturally) plunged in after it, barefoot and fancy-free in the mid-winter chill. He returned home bedraggled and aromatic sans fish, but with a good tale to tell.


The Secret Beach :: The first day of Winter



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  1. Wow!!!! Absolutely stunning what a lucky girl you are that’s truly a work of art, so clever too.

    On another note I loved the Hobbit, of course I loved The Lord of The Rings as well. Of course they always leaving you hanging at the end of the movie and you go argh! because then you’re in for another year’s wait until the finish.

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