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March ended with a birthday

Last month ended with M’s birthday – it was on Saturday 29th of March. Oh my gosh it was a beautiful weekend! The weather was perfect Autumn – warm and still days with slightly chilly mornings. M was given coffee…much coffee…and wine…much wine. The Smalls gifted him ‘Long Way Round’ by John & Jack Faine, a travel mug (so he stops using mine) and from all of us was a fancy new drill – the receipt to which I stapled carefully to the warranty and promptly forgot where I put it. Small DB drew him some wrapping paper…

DB drew a rose

We took him for a second breakfast and he was presented with a stack of complimentary blueberry pancakes at our favourite cafe from lovely Dave. My phone was, for some reason, all blurry…

Happy Birthday M!

We rode our bikes – and being at the Birthday Whims of M we stopped at a chandlery – the Smalls and I waited for him while he enquired about something or rather. There were several funny faces…

Making faces while we wait

Mr, Mrs and Master H attended for a long lunch – I had cooked my second roast beef ever and it was good. Well, it was eaten, so it can’t have been too bad. Champagne, sparklers, brownies, tea…more friends for more champagne…and then suddenly they all decamped and we were in a quiet, cleanish house with leftover food and lots of wine. It was good.

Birthday M, Smalls and Shaun the Sheep


Under attack


30 Days of Minimising

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  1. Happy birthday M glad you had a good day.

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