We’re away for the weekend. I lost half of yesterday putting up posters along the Main Street because M and Small Z had convinced me that Z-Mow had gone missing while they were out and about on Wednesday. The horror. When will I learn to follow my gut on these matters!? After almost two hours I got a call from The Nana – she had found Z-Mow at home, in a corner of the loungeroom *head–>wall*

After texting and calling all the people I had placed on alert, I was unable to respond to M’s texts asking “Where was Z-Mow?” for fear of replying with harsh obscenities – something that (don’t say I am not an excellent forward-planner) would have boded ill for our weekend away.

And GODDAMNIT we need this weekend. The last few weeks have felt like a warzone. I’ve written unpublishable blogposts about day after day of every female in this house shrieking with fury and crying their eyes out. There’s something in the planets…or they’re all just bouncing off my angst…

Today is the getaway. And I’ve already filled my tummy with humble-pie… I struggle to cope with M-led camping trips, as we have different camping priorities. Have I mentioned that one of our first dates involved him taking me camping (in a no-camping zone, in the dark) and forgetting the cutlery, the can opener and the matches? It could be described, for better or worse, as sticky with bad lighting. I digress.

Thus far today I have forgotten M’s camping chair, Small Z’s camping chair, the pasta required for dinner, lost one set of keys to the bathrooms (found serendipitously by Small DB), the bread, extra blankets and a bucket. I remembered the wine, and that’s helping. “How?” muses M, with desperate questing eyes, “How can we make it so you get more sleep and do less stuff? Should I cook more?”

“Yes. No. I don’t know”

I’m so sleep deprived I’ve forgotten what I’ve forgotten. “Maybe we could cook more stuff to put in the freezer for the days that are too hard?”

But just for now – I’m happy. I love to be away, camping close enough to the sea to hear it, on green grass under sighing trees. Not even the rain is a bother. Small DB is asleep, and the others have gone foraging. Mostly, all is well.

Afternoon tea, caravan style. #sunliner #vintagecaravan #family #weekend #camping #caravanning #inverloch #lotsofilters #latergram