A very social weekend. I journeyed with the Smalls to Kinglake – a rather epic journey for us, taking almost two hours in the car. I am loath to use toll-roads but…(that ‘but’ was always going to be there) I remain so desperate to make the journey as painless as possible, that we went via Eastlink, and did it in about one hour and forty five minutes.

The Smalls were so desperate to catch up with their friends that they they were fine. (Small Z was always going to be fine, Small DB is the grenade – she didn’t go off.) It was C-O-L-D up there! So cold that we actually had a fire in the wood heater on Friday night, and I stayed up too late drinking wine and nattering…

I got lots of information about gluten-free life and was gifted some GF bread flour and an excellent GF cookbook. It was very soothing to be at someone’s house who I know is just All Over the whole gluten thing. I am still feeling self-conscious about asking whether things are gluten free – but there, everything already is! 🙂

We got in a visit to Polly’s school – new and fancy, having been rebuilt since the bush fires. There were chickens, a mini athletics track, great shade-covered play equipment…and a constant freezing wind that turned Small DB’s lips blue (she was being recalcitrant about wearing a coat).

On the way out of town we went (as we have before) to the park before saying farewell, and the Smalls got to watch a helicopter taking off.

We reached home after enduring half an hour of screaming before Small DB passed out. M then took both Smalls down to the Westernport Festival to show them the sights. That was the good bit. Then he wanted us to return to see the fireworks at 9pm. He made us leave at 8.30pm (it is a ten minute walk away) – so we were there at 8.45pm – waiting, waiting, waiting – tired Smalls, tired Smalls, tired Smalls – fireworks did not eventuate until 9.30pm. Small DB watched the first five minutes with abject disinterest and then started whining to go home… I won’t bore you further.

Sunday morning was surreal – we were all very tired and grumpy, but the weather was perfect – we went on a beautiful sailing trip to Sandy Point with our lovely friends and their boys – they brought the most a-m-a-z-i-n-g food (they don’t run the most awesome local cafe for nothing).

M tweaking trimaran. Sandy Point.
M and Dave. Cruising.
DB and her sand creation. [By Bernadette]
Z steers.
Trimaran meets submarine.

A really beautiful day, and great to spend it with our friends who we have hardly EVER hung out with outside their cafe. May there be many more 🙂