Dadda Day: Out to Play

I have been unable to leave the house with Small DB for days. Sick for an entire week. The day they have to be looked after by M – she’s finally back on track. HOW IS THAT FAIR? Since I fixed his phone, he can send me photos, and this is what I saw…

That the child who stayed nude and housebound yesterday, impervious to my begging, got herself dressed this morning, made herself a snack and even BRUSHED HER HAIR (hello Anne Marie). And look! She’s wearing the trousers I made her – they appear to fit…

Dadda Day: Got herself dressed and ready to rock.

Small Z had decided it was Z-Mow’s birthday. Who is Z-Mow? Do you remember when he was freshly made?

Dadda Day: It was Z-Mow's birthday, apparently.

And of course there was a cake and a candle for Z-Mow at the Local cafe…

Dadda Day: Happy Birthday Z-Mow!

Then M sent me this photo…Small DB napping…the little slender sapling that she is. She has lost some weight this week…

Dadda Day: Flat out napping.

They finished off the day by a trip to the beach after dinner.

Dadda Day: Finishing Tuesday at the Beach. Together.
Dadda Day: Jumping off the breakwater. Somers.
Dadda Day: Jumping off the breakwater, curls flying...
[…all photoes by M – thanks for giving them an awesome day!]




Her own adventure – 3yo kindergarten


  1. jess

    Can I come on the next Daddy day. Hope DB is feeling better, poor thing x

  2. beth

    As long as you’re prepared to have lots of fun, hit a few cafes and not put away any washing….

  3. Love the photos. DB reminds me of my kids when they’d be with someone else. I’d get these glowing reports of how helpful they were etc, etc and meanwhile I’d be thinking “My kids?”.

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