In our house, money is always a juggle. In comparison to many people we know, we don’t have a lot. This obviously has its down sides. But a big positive is this: I have had a week of hell with Small DB being ill. And a day of hell yesterday. Both Smalls need some one-on-one time; and I feel like I need to focus on Small DB (I’m getting to the big positive…here it comes…)

And this can all happen. In the interest of family sanity, M is recalled from boat duty and sent to the weekly WildThings adventure with Small Z. I am home with the other one – who awoke with a freshly made tantrum, but is responding to a quiet house, a bowl of blueberries and ‘Dinosaur Train’ watched in a patch of sunshine. And this is good.

365/41 • We're having some one on one time today. Badly needed. #2014_ig_041 #3yo #sunshine