I need a reset button. Thank you.

Well that was the worst day of the year so far. Small DB shook off her fever yesterday – it had gone for six days. But she is still totally stroppy and under the weather. Add this to the somewhat neglected Small Z, who is also tired as a result of me pulling her out of bed relentlessly by 7.30am in an effort to get her bedtimes earlier. And then add me, hanging on by my fingernails with minimal sleep, struggling to say goodbye to HP Sauce and a million other things, worrying about TATIANATM and 40 degree (104 F) heat and you’ve got what was basically an all day, three way meltdown on your hands. My hands…

Probably not the best time to rip apart your partner’s prized old-model iPhone to try and fix it. Understatement of 2014. But I did it anyway, because he had left it at home – having skulked out this morning to the boat on the first wave of crazy. When I bought him the phone the screen wasn’t working, and in my efforts to divine what was the problem I had cracked open the phone and poked about.

As the screen was blank I didn’t know if the camera had been working prior to me purchasing it, but by the amount of horrendous selfies on it, I assumed it had. And that I’d somehow buggered the camera when I’d opened it up. So today, amidst constant meltdowns, including my own, I opened the phone up again – sweating gently on the fact that I might wreck something and therefore destroy one of M’s more precious possessions (I say precious, but must mention that the entire thing was covered in sand – he treats it with tough, sandy love).

Performing surgery on an iPhone 3GS

I put it all back together, turned it on…and the camera worked. HUZZAH!! One win, on a day of despair! Excellent. Thank you Nick. I am convinced the neighbours believe I have dismembered both children (they each scream at a different pitch, so they could tell it was both of them). Tomorrow will be better. Or else…

Unwell. Afternoon nap.

This was yesterday – an excellent wondrous nap… Didn’t happen today, but I’m putting it in here to soothe myself.


Trousers for Small DB




  1. Thinking of the phone, it’s always nice when something works out isn’t it? Love the last picture of DB sleeping.

  2. beth

    Oh I *love* it when you turn something on after taking it apart and it comes back to life! …And DB – she’s napped almost every day this week…what a different place a world with naps would be…

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