I saw this list on Meet Me At Mike’s a few weeks back. I like it. I’m going to endeavour to crank one out at the start of each month.

Making: My blanket! And knitting hearts.
Cooking: Salads. Quinoa.
Drinking: Water kefir for gut happiness
Reading: Morrisey’s autobiography.
Wanting: To have a clean bill of health
Looking: At Common Threads – full of beautiful writing and photography
Playing: Origami with Small Z
Deciding: On a *few* activities for Small Z
Wishing: I was more organised
Enjoying: Early mornings
Waiting: On test results
Liking: My iPad keyboard!
Wondering: Why I can’t be more organised
Loving: the swingchair on the porch
Pondering: On whether I’ll ever focus enough on something to excel at it.
Considering: That quinoa might not be living up to the hype
Watching: “20 Feet From Stardom” – a back-up singer doco
Hoping: That things will feel less complicated this time next month
Marvelling: At the difference one degree makes in a person’s temperature
Needing: More sleep
Smelling: Sweat
Wearing: My black linen dress. A lot.
Following: Everything I can on Feedly
Noticing: Zapier
Knowing: A useless amount of trivia
Thinking: About a constellation of everything
Feeling: Meh
Admiring: Small DB’s resilience during her five day fever
Sorting: My brain to keep decluttering and chucking!
Buying: Groceries
Getting: Wistful for Sydney – since looking at my mum’s photos
Bookmarking: Lots of GF information
Disliking: Uncertainty
Opening: The freezer a lot – icy-poles!
Giggling: The Smalls and I have been coming up with the most disgusting meals we can think of:
Small Z: slug sushi and vomit cake
Small DB: hiccups with compost and poo
B: worm spaghetti with a sprinkle of ants and snail slime