5 comments on “Now We Are Six

  1. *must be someone cutting onions near me*

    I wish my folks had written a bunch of this stuff down.

    And wow she’s tall. :)

  2. :)

    A doctor measured her last week and she’s in the 98th percentile for Tallness! So yes, she’s a giraffe…

    Your comment keeps me on fire to keep documenting….thank you…

  3. Pilar on ·

    Very nice writing. Z is really a sweet girl. What a great job you are doing.

  4. :* thank you Pilar – that is so nice to hear!! It was lovely to have you and your two Smalls here to celebrate!

  5. Sorry I was on holiday and missed this. Happy belated birthday wishes Z and glad that the day was so wonderful for you.

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