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Reinvention is on the menu.

In keeping with my New Year’s Resolution to write more, goddamnit, comes the growing dissatisfaction with my blog layout. I have not changed this thing for over six years. That’s right – I spent a vast amount of my pregnant time tweaking and altering and reloading various WordPress themes…when I had time for such things.

Man…there have been some improvements in layouts since that time! What remains the same is the, well, sameness of so very many of them. What I would love, in an ideal world, is to go with my laptop to a minimally populated island with high speed broadband and divide my life into happy thirds: sleeping, rebuilding my website, and languishing on the beach with food, sunshine and swimming.

And as pigs fly into the sunset my realistic option is to find a theme I like and install it, with hopefully a minimal amount of tweaking required. Trouble is, I modded this current theme here there and everywhere and recollect none of it :O I have trudged back through the archives to 2007 and re-discovered MAMP – I recall it being very useful in such situations and figure I can re-learn how to use it – thus rescuing my teeming throngs of readers from being greeted by a site in various stages of re-invention… hopefully.

Meanwhile I have an almost-six-year-old doing a five day intensive swim course and she is lying next to me as I type, after the first day, with a throat infection. FUN AND GAMES!


Going to Pot


Duck and Run and Whine!


  1. seepi

    Snap! We are in our second week of intensive swimming. It is hard work, but worth it I think.

  2. beth

    I am *so* tempted to go that second week – I think the intensive thing is much more useful that half an hour a week. But we already have a committment next Wednesday…sigh…

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