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Sometimes, even I can't eat porridge every morning. Usually on those days where it's going to be hot. About a year ago I did some experiments with quinoa porridge. I bought some more the other day and had another go. Thrillingly, no one else in the house likes it, so it is All For Me. This is how it goes…

I wash half a cup of it in a sieve and put it in a pot.

When I am organised I have some secret juice in the fridge (any kind) and I use half a cup of juice and half a cup of water to mix with it. (Same measurements as cooking rice.)

I chop up an apple or a pear into little chunks and throw that in. Add a few drops of vanilla. And heat it until it is boiling.

Then I put the lid on and simmer it until all the liquid is absorbed and you can see the little line thing on the grains.

I throw some sultanas and shredded coconut in the bottom of my bowl (I am not a huge fan of the bloated sultana that occurs if you boil them in with everything else, so I put them in last) – and if I have some rhubarb in the fridge, I put that on top. You can pour some kind of milk over it to cool it down a bit – but not really necessary. Nor is it necessary to eat it hot – it's nice cold too…

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  1. Great I’ll give it a try when I get back home, I’ve been wondering what to do with the stuff.

  2. beth

    Let me know how it goes – I have done very little else with it…am thinking of a salad…

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