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Hello 2014!

New Year's Eve. No pressure. No need to feel compelled to ring it in with a Big Bang. Am in faaaaar different place than I was this time last year. My woes have been put in perspective. We wanted to spend NYE with our long lost neighbours – the ones who used to live around the corner and then were rude enough to go off and build a house in the mountains…

We have shared some of the most crazy times of our lives with them – both of us living through the intensity of new babies. It was so lovely to secure their services for a sailing trip. For there had to be a sailing trip. There were eight aboard – four Small girls and four grown-ups. We motored (motoring – gah) across a bumpy bay. The day cleared as we went on and by the time we got to Sandy Point there was strong sunshine…

J and I settled in on the sand and nattered the day away, while the Smalls all played together with thrilling symphony – never a cross word! The manly folk took them all for a long walk. A long, long walk. J and I eventually realised (with the prompting of a passing sailing-goddess) that the trimaran was rather a long way out of the water. We tried to push her off the sand, but…

M and C tried, with our help, when they eventually got back. No dice. We were stuck there until about 7pm. Thank god for a bit of extra food, and the continuing enthusiasm of the Smalls. It would have been a little easier had we been able to leave maybe one hour earlier, but we managed, although I had to restrain myself from throwing Small Z overboard as we neared home.

We got home at 9.30pm – we were out in the sun and weather for NINE HOURS. Yike. J and I were well oiled machines – throwing together food, bathing and drying children, setting up the caravan – the blokes did not appreciate the true and desperate necessity of getting them all in bed as quickly as possible to avoid the much dreaded OVERTIRED MELTDOWN.

We managed it. Phew. And sat down to dinner at the rather decadent time of 10.30pm. It was C's birthday, so we all sang at him – and almost before we new it – it was midnight. 2013 wisped into the ether and a brand new year began.

Hope everyone out there in cyberland had a wonderful New Year's Eve – HAPPY NEW YEAR! ๐Ÿ™‚


Goodbye and Good Riddance 2013


Keen! Wah!


  1. Wishing you guys all the best in the coming New Year…typed while vacationing in the sunny (sometimes) state of Florida.

  2. beth

    Right back at you! Lovely to hear from you – the only things I know about Florida are courtesy of Carl Hiaasen…

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