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Eight Days of Anything.

M is in absentia. Thus I had to work for two hours on Friday and Saturday nights, and all of Sunday (thank you for efforts on Sunday, Mother!!) to cobble together the hours that I do each week. The nights sucked as I have been going to bed too late and then being regularly wakened by Small DB at about 2am every night.

However, I got it all done, and now a WHOLE EIGHT DAYS stretches out before me, uninfected by work and the necessity to schlep there. I work so we eat and have a roof over us. No other reason. There are a bazillion things I would rather be doing. (Just in case you were wondering what I might do should I ever discover the world’s largest diamond.)

Combined with some sunshine, this is good. We are going to see our friends (trusting in the recent car karma of Small DB – touch wood) and I hope to do more planting in our front garden. For THREE YEARS there have been scabby kind of rose bushes under our front windows and M finally hacked them to the ground a week or two back.

I did instruct him to finish the job before departing so I could get to work on my edible garden, but it was raining the two days before he left, and of course he might have melted if any had fallen on him. Therefore I have been wielding the trusty mattock and hacking out what I can.

I have done about four or five feet, which I have covered with two layers of newspaper (thanks dad) and straw. I have planted beans and have some tomatoes and cucumbers to go in. But the SNAILS! They are ferocious. I have previously tried all the more friendly approaches – getting them drunk on beer, spreading eggshells around the plants. I thought the straw would deter them, but nooooo. So I’ve gone grossly hardcore and have brought out the snailbait. Cue: snail genocide 🙁 If there is a more effective and friendly option, I am unaware of it. I am not dedicated enough to whip outside every frew hours during the night and remove them by hand, so…


Pedal Power


Happy Christmas – 2013

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  1. Can’t help you with the snails. They enjoyed my garden this past summer as well.

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