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Pedal Power

I awoke to blue skies and the idea that the Smalls and I should ride our bikes to Bittern Market. I did this on my own about a month or so ago and thought they might just be able to make it. Small Z had no issues and coasted along. By the time we got within about two or three minutes of the market, Small DB was running out of puff.


I gave her a few pushes along…her real lag began when the market was actually in sight.


“Come on DB,” I said sternly, “Pedal like a crazy thing. 1,2,3…GO!”


Her little legs whirred around…and we made it! It's a 3.5km ride, which is pretty good for a three-year-old with no gears, just grit. She is a champ. Of course, with the slowdown toward the end, Small Z shot ahead, and by the time we arrived, there was no sign of her. Gulp…


I totally trust her road sense, but wondered if she might get swept up in the amount of people there and the cars driving in and out… I plopped Small Z in the bike trailer (brought along in case of disaster) and told her not to move. Began running along seeking Small Z…


Finally a small hand grabbed my arm, a radiant Small Z squeaked, “Mama! I just held a RABBIT! It was soft and…”. I cut her off, while doing deep calm breathing…


“ARGH!” (Deep calm breathing fail.) “PLEASE don't ride ahead to where you can't see me! I didn't know where you were! Now I've left Small DB all alone! We need to go back to her…hurry!”


My zenlike diatribe was punctuated by her saying, “Sorry!” and “I'll be more careful!” and, “The rabbit! Can we buy a rabbit!?”


We reached Small DB who was recovering from her ride, quite unconcerned, looking about at everything. Had a nice wander around the market, got some seedlings (for my Grand Plan for the front garden) and some smallgoods… The ride home was far easier – mostly downhill. The majority of it is an offroad bicycle track – much more relaxing when you don't have to worry about crossing side streets all the time and being uber-vigilant about cars coming out of driveways!



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  1. Wow, I’m impressed they did well.

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