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Needles and Pink

Glory be! The Smalls elected to stay in the car while I ransacked the best local op-shop and came up with these:

Perfect for some Small hand-warmers. And wooden needles – woo! Now just have to MAKE myself sit, ignore the chaos, and actually knit. [looks hopeful…]



Maldon Folk Festival: 2013


Pedal Power


  1. That looks like a really good score to me especially the needles although I do love the colours in the yarn as well. Actually that pink looks handspun.

  2. I just began using it on the train into work – it’s lovely – and the needles are nice as well, though I have no idea what size they are – I need to get one of those needle sizer things. Am making Small DB some handwarmers that she’ll probably wear for five minutes…. 😉

  3. Sam

    Ah the knitting bug! Also known as enforced meditation! And hooray to being able to leave smalls in cars… I dream of such weather and circumstance!

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