Holy Grail Achieved!! We all drove to the festival together! In the SAME CAR!! I did not have to get the train as I have done the last two years.

Reading back on last years post – it is so bouncy! Maybe I did have more fun that I remember – but I did gloss over the difficulties. This year was a massive improvement. Older kids, no napping, a great campsite – and a few extra kids thrown into the mix for Sunday and Monday (thanks Mung!)

We began our journey with bowls of chips at The Local – didn’t get away until 1pm, but it worked well that way as (OMG!) Small DB slept in the car for a Large Chunk Of Time. Only someone who has read the experiences of the past two years will truly appreciate that as the miracle that it is.

Mung, his van and my Smalls
Camping. Maldon Folk Festival 2013
DB with her drugs of choice: watermelon and stewed apple

We had brought lots of sausages and pre-cooked a curry. Food became easy! I tried to avoid the unavoidable (eating at cafes) to save money. We did all our regular activities – the market at the primary school, the bushdance in the afternoon. The Smalls all got on so beautifully. Small Z and Small E really got a thing going, telling each other complicated stories and trying to gross each other out…

The five year olds.
Bushdance: E and Olivia
Bushdance. M and DB.

Late on Sunday morning Small DB and I set off to the harmony workshop in one of the churches in town. We had a nice little outing together. There are shuttle buses that run from the festival site into town every twenty minutes or so, and it makes it so easy to get around.

Gnawing on some bread before the singing workshop. Sunday morning.

The harmony workshop was awesome. Haphazard, and in need of lyric sheets, but awesome nonetheless. It was run by two women from The Junes – who we saw play on the main stage later in the afternoon. This is from their 2009 album. I wish their current one was on their site!

Blue Baby from The Junes on Myspace.

The little ones hung in there but toward the end of the hour they started to get a bit fractious – I remembered I had dinosaur stickers in my bag and that bought us peace for the final ten minutes.

Glen from The Junes: Kicking off the harmony workshop

Click this —> Harmony Workshop Practice to hear some of our efforts 😉

The camp swing - a hit!

On the Monday we slowly packed up camp and headed to Daylesford via Castlemaine…a whole ‘nother post…