A day of sunshine and minimal breeze. The minimal breeze was key – usually I work on Tuesdays, but M required minimal breeze to spray a bit more of The Very Large Catamaran, so I swapped my days to Wed/Thur – and it felt like I was having a holiday!

Myself and our neighbour-friend took our four Smalls bike riding. Small DB got a new bike for her birthday and has quickly transitioned from balance bike demon to training wheel wonder. She loves to ride everywhere. I know that walking is the best exercise – with all that weightbearing involved – but being out and about on our bikes in the sunshine wasn’t bad either. There was even a little bit of sunburn involved 😮

There was a picnic, cloudspotting, climbing, kite-flying, pedalling, many cockatoos, soccer and a playground.


Oh look at the backs of those little legs 🙁 she had a patch of sunburn on each one when the day was over. More vigilance required!