Seasoning. Flying fox, treehouse and mud.

I don’t know how I’d go living in a place without proper seasons. The kind of tropical places where’s its all just wet or dry, hot or less hot. I would miss days like this, that start with a grey drizzle and end up sodden in sunshine – kids with their clothes off playing in the mud and feeding worms to the chooks. Putting the heater on low just as the sun goes down.

I suppose what I’m navigating towards is the realisation that I’d prefer to live in a place where it was Spring and Autumn – I would be almost willing to forego Summer and Winter. There would still be enough hot days left in early Autumn to get to the beach, and enough grey rain in Spring to spend days at home in woollies with soup and toast…

This was today.

Daisy coming in for landing. Flying fox!


Sunday Driving and Monday Downtime


It’s not too cold for the beach!


  1. Myf

    I am so with you on that!

    Your girls are just gorgeous.

  2. That zipline is just too cool. It’s funny how kids like to put stuff on slides. My grandsons like to put gravel on it and then slide down.

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