Sunday Driving and Monday Downtime

The weekend was supposed to be rainy. And thus I didn’t take the Smalls to go and camp in the country. The weather, however, had not read the forecast – and it was beautiful. BEAUTIFUL Spring weather. So yesterday we went for a drive. Went to a cafe for smoothies. I had tea.

English Breakfast. A welcome break.
The Play Tent

A playtent in the sunshine. We had chips from our old local fish ‘n chip shop on the way home and took them to the boatshed to eat with M. Ate them one-handed, batting away mosquitos with the other.

Big reads to Small

We did a lot yesterday and this morning I felt sludge. Why!? It was the first uninterrupted night I’ve had in two weeks – I think my body is in shock! We were ‘supposed’ to go on our Monday nature walk today, but the thought of it made me want to keel over. Instead we have hung out at home. I have thrown out all of my paperwork circa 2002/3/4/5 except about five items. I discovered old lyrics long unseen and threw a lot of them out too.

Small Z spent some time on the couch reading to her sister 🙂 – doesn’t happen often. I spent the first half of the day on housework. The rain is now giving all the washing a second rinse… It feels like I needed a slow day – I am so thankful not to have had to do a school run at both ends of it…


A little resprung


Seasoning. Flying fox, treehouse and mud.

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  1. We’re back from holiday – 19 days in Italy. Strange to see the leaves have turned colour and it’s fall. LOL, it’s also strange to read about you starting spring when we’re the opposite.

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