I laid out my squares last night (ah-ha! – a use for that single bed that clogs up our other bedroom!) and it is obvious that I need at least double what I have. That means at least another six jumpers, I think.

Blanket in the making.

In my secret wishful heart I had planned how I would knit my own squares, felt them up, and add them in – much easier than trying to find old woolly jumpers, right? Noooooo. I am a slow slow knitter who hasn’t even sat down and worked out a purl stitch – really (I mean, I could be doing that now, instead of writing this, but….).

Last week I found two more jumpers for one dollar each, pure wool. So I will continue my quest – but I WANT to get this blanket done while it’s still the middle of Winter. Oh dear god, it was so cold today, sitting around after our nature walk. The sun was out and it made very little difference as there was a nagging relentless icy breeze that made me whimper for a hat, scarf and gloves.

Even Small DB – who made her exit from the car wearing only a top and some undies, was humbled by the temperature and scootched her little bottom into some trousers and a coat AND BOOTS. So that was a win!