Saturday. And all the rest of it.

The day began with the night. Small DB itching her head so hard and so often I thought she would awake bescabbed in the morning. Nits. Again. It seems that there might have been a few eggs left over on Small Z two weeks ago – and they have settled on her sister and built a thriving bloody empire. The child who has never had her hair washed due to all-consuming fury at the sight of the shampoo bottle.

But I discounted the power of television. She sat, first thing this morning, before the others were up, in front of three episodes of ‘Timmy Time’ while I combed gunk through her hair and displaced about a zillion bugs. And cut off the bottom of all her curls where the comb couldn’t get through them. She didn’t flinch.

This is how my Saturday began. She is infested with #nits :( See the pile of curls I had to cut off? *sob*

But that wasn’t really what I was worried about – it was washing it OUT. In the end I laid her on the kitchen bench, head back over the sink, and poured jugs of water through the front of her hair. Then stuffed her in the shower to wash the back out. Far more painless than anticipated – which is good considering that I have to do it all every two days for the forseeable. Goddamnit.

Subsequently, M and I have both found a stray nit or two in our own hair and have gasped at them under the microscope *shudder* – the WASHING of the PILLOWCASES…argh. It feels like my mind is constantly a few steps behind itself – get the shopping, go to the library, put the chicken in the freezer, put out the washing, bring it in, PUT IT AWAY, hang out the next load, clean the chook home, dismantle Small Z’s bed, sweep the porch, find the floor, rejuvenate the kefir, put the pillowcases in the dryer on HOT, dinner? no idea…and so on…


Honey Lavender Cake


Preliminary Blanket


  1. Claire

    I *always* forget to rejuvenate the kefir! Jokes aside, I feel your pain. Re: washing of pillowcases, when R had his nit episode (which I’m still skeptical about), the lady at the chemist told me that just putting clothes/bedding/pillowcases in the dryer on super super super hot setting would kill bugs and negate the need for washing.

  2. beth

    I can’t let the kefir die!!!
    But you win me with the words “negate the need for washing”… BLISS!!!! THANK YOU!!

  3. seepi

    I thought you didn’t even need to wash pillowcases etc these days – just treat the hair. the latest treatment is just putting cheap conditioner all thru, sitting with shower cap on for an hour, then combing it all out. TV and a lollipop works for us too.
    Dinner – try Dr Oetkker frozen spinach pizza. It is european, so less nasties, and is really nice – and often on special. REal cooking is what I let go around here when we are too busy these days.

  4. beth

    I don’t think you really do need to wash pillowcases, but I just WANT THEM GONE!!! You know that you are the inspiration for my ‘blanket of squares and rectangles’, right? 🙂
    I am so sick of real cooking and am going to hunt down that pizza – for M and I, if the Smalls won’t eat it – they can have egg-in-a-hole…

  5. seepi

    the best thing about that pizza is that my kids love it – they yell out – Yum!! Spinidge Pizza!!

    I’m loving the blanket – it will be so warm – I have no idea how you find the time. All my creativity goes into sewing on patches these days…you should see the pretty stuff I use to patch up old leggings.

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