Just quickly. I was not in the best of headspaces yesterday, and took myself off to the hairdresser for some expensive consolation. Flicking through the trashy magazines I read:

“New research has discovered a super-simple way to tune out mental chatter and switch your brain into a deeply healing meditative state: knitting. It’s a repetitive bilateral action – which means it uses both hands, and both sides of your brain at once…Repetitive actions like knitting enhance the release of serotonin – a calming chemical which also relieves pain…[Knitting] occupes the part of the brian that usually generates…anxieties and stressful thoughts…”

The Smalls and I went to an op-shop this morning, parted with $4.50 and got me a few balls of real wool and some three and a quarter needles (which is what it said to use on the wool packet). Had I not texted craft-guru Mrs H, I never would have known that wool is matched to sizes of needles. Who knew? Nor did I know that there is proper research into “therapeutic knitting“!

I sit here, feet in a bath of Epsom Salts, casting on. And I’m liking it. I can feel that some of it is muscle memory from when I was maybe eight years old and my grandma taught me. I remember my chunky little mustard yellow needles – that I haven’t thought of in thirty-two years!! Please don’t assume I am doing this unaided – I am following a YouTube tutorial frame by frame!

My ambitions are modest. Squares to felt-up for my woollen blanket…


All the way to Venus Bay


Honey Lavender Cake


  1. There you go, I’ve always said that I focus better on the Sunday sermon when I do handiwork. The knitting or crocheting quiets my mind enough that I pay attention. If I’m not doing it my mind tends to wander. This could be why knitting is such a hit with busy people. Bye the way I’m off on holiday for 4 weeks so I’ll catch up on your posts when I’m back home.

  2. 🙂
    I did wonder what you would think of this post!!
    Have a great time – I have figured out how to cast off (which I found is called ‘binding on’?) and am now feeling somewhat smug…

  3. Sam

    This explains a lot… I LOVE knitting in bed or on the couch at the end of the day and find it totally meditative. Though the flipside >when things go wrong< is anything but… 🙂

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