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We brought some friends back with us from NSW

Unknowingly. If I ever get around to posting about our trip there you will read it and know that apparently, in northern NSW, nits are in plague proportions. It appears that you just assume your kid has them and comb them relentlessly each week. Small Z was petrified she was going to get them…for good reason. Like an idiot, I reassured her that she would probably not get them…STOP WORRYING.

We were all ready to go to our weekly meetup yesterday. I was plaiting her hair…when I saw something. Something moving. And my heart sank. Gross, icky little bugs. I contacted L, who knows of such things. I was worried Small Z was going to completely freak out.

There were tears, but she was comforted that we could go straight to the chemist for STUFF that would KILL THEM. We bought the ‘Lice Blaster’ (not because I really thought it would work, but because I felt I had to buy something that sounded savage (and came with a comb).

Lice Blaster!

Naturally I was all all over Choice Magazine and their nit information page – which is very good btw. So. The Smalls then got to have a fabulous time sitting in front of ninety minutes of Dinosaur Train while I detangled Small Z’s acres of hair, covered it in the goop, and then pulled the comb through it. She was stoic, because she wanted them g-o-n-e.

My big fear is for Small DB. (I can feel J, in NSW, shaking her head at me and laughing at me being overly dramatic. She has never had to try to get water on Small DB’s head.) And here is where I tell it to the Interweb.

Small DB has never had her hair washed.

All the people who believe that shampoo is just detergent that strips the oils from your hair and can irritate your skin are standing up and cheering me. It’s just I don’t know any of them. Even L, who went no-poo, I think has returned to the mainstream (?). (Just on a tangent – here is a transcript on dermatology/eczema that has stayed with me, from 1997.)

Anyway. THe information on Choice seemed to indicate that they like clean heads better than dirty ones. Small DB still has some manky bits of cradle cap and I’m assuming the nits have rejected her. I HOPE the nits have rejected her. Because I would have to sedate her in order to comb goop through her hair and then wash it out. Correction: I would have to cut half her curls off because they’re so tangly – before sedating her, gooping her, combing her and washing it all off. (It does sound as if I’m dealing with a recalcitrant puppy, doesn’t it? I kind of am.)

Small Z’s head is now cleaner and shinier than it has been in it’s whole life. More combing tomorrow. And repeat, and repeat. This is one of those parental rites-of-passage of which I could have happily remained blissfully ignorant.


Mother’s Day. Six.


Some Humber love


  1. I count myself blessed I never had to do this and with four kids I really lucked out.

  2. Claire

    I read this entry with interest because coincidentally, last Mon, R came home from school with a note (lice, and eggs). Yes, he had it. All my arvo plans went out the window and we went into treatment mode (Moov). We were all deloused and had to wear the ‘showercap of shame’ (the rest of us didn’t have it; I’m sceptical as to whether R actually had it since I found NO lice or what I identified as eggs). They have a strict lice policy (with weekly checks) at his school; once treatment is completed, a signed note must be returned.

    What a pain! I feel for all those with long hair who need the treatment.

    Re-reading this has made my head go all psychosomatic again…

  3. beth

    Ha! Karen you are soooo lucky!!!
    Claire – I feel the pain. We were (my fingers are crossed as I type – it’s difficult) lucky that DB didn’t get them – you would have heard if she did. I think her head really was too skanky for them to jump aboard. I have treated Z twice and have conditioner-combed her three times. I’m going to comb her again (yes – have lapsed into dog-speak) even though I’ve never found any since the first time I did it.

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