I’ve got out of the organising-an-activity loop. Lazy. Tired. I operate in fits and starts. Most mornings Small DB stands over at the little table and busies herself with sticky tape, paper, paint and scissors, in equal amounts. Small Z puts her head in a book, or makes things as well – beds for her toys, hats for Stomp-the-Dinosaur or whatever she can think of.

It feels like ages since I’ve SET SOMETHING UP! So I finally pulled my finger out when I was inspired by Tinkerlab making suncatchers with contact. It was a hit…

I had both Smalls at the table cutting out their bits and pieces, and then they had a ball making their suncatchers.

Working on the suncatchers

I had planned to follow how they did it on Tinkerlab, but the Smalls had made them in such a way that we would have only seen the back of their work once we stuck them to the window. So we stuck them on the outside of the windows, facing in… into Small Z’s cubby (in her case).

Zoe's Suncatcher
Daisy's Suncatcher

Of course they then continued with the activity in the their own way – Small Z made more tiny suncatchers for the window – Small DB wielded her scissors, paper and tape and added them to the window where they flitter with the breeze…

Now I just need to find something similarly simple but awesome.


The countdown? I nearly forgot. Exactly thirty days until forty. You read it right… EEEEeeep!