Happy Birthday M! The big FIVE ONE!

No weekend extravaganza this year. A quiet day. I took the Smalls to the op-shop yesterday and they were allowed to pick whatever they wanted that they thought M might appreciate. It was slightly hysterical. Small Z chose a respectable cup with the word COFFEE on it – singularly appropriate. Small DB, on the other hand selected quite a nice silver picture frame and a small glass bowl.

The picture frame had the picture of some kid in it, and she wouldn’t let me remove it.

“Oh please DB, dadda would love to have a picture of YOU in there! Let me take it out?”


“But dadda doesn’t even know who that kid is…what if we put a picture of you and Zoe in there? It would be really cute!”



By then she was shouting. “NO! I like it. It is mine. It is very sthpecial to me.”

I couldn’t argue with that. Sadly.

Yesterday we wrapped our presents and made our cards. I made M a chocolate mud cake, having heard him mention one wistfully a few weeks ago. Our oven is so unpredictable that I was very careful…it took more than TWO HOURS to cook. It was great, but I think it ended up a bit too dry.

This morning we did presents and I made M a cafe breakfast of backyard eggs and a pile of free range bacon… (the hens haven’t been laying a lot lately and I’d used up four eggs in his cake, so the Smalls and I had…porridge).

I made M another photobook – I know he likes them, and they are lovely to have a record of the past year. But…I am behind. So I gave him the pictorial version of 2011… And 2012 will follow before June (when my photobook voucher runs out). You can have a look here… My mum and TD arrived a little later and embarked on Easter Activities with the Smalls. M and I went for a drive to Balnarring and then on to Somers General Store and had a fantastic lunch…

Happy Birthday M!!!

Then we went for a walk along the beach. We both found the absence of Smalls somewhat exhilarating. “Look!” I said to M, “I can walk as fast as I want to and no one is grabbing at me, wanting to be carried. No one is asking me to slow down!” M agreed. He had noticed too…

Somers Beach - M and I taking an extremely rare kidfree walk... #birthday #beach #friday #us

We got home and I prettied up the cake (that had been hidden in the bottom of the laundry basket) with chocolate ganache, strawberries, vanilla sugar and candles…. TD cracked some champagne… and there was singing. I’d forgotten how much Small DB loves a birthday!!

Small DB helps M to kill those candles

There was a bit of French cricket in the front garden, a dinner of homemade gnocchi with pesto and tomatoes from the garden and then M took his Smalls in the bike trailer off for a ride down to the boat ramp.

A good day. 🙂


Today. And last September.


Crafty. The countdown begins.


  1. jess

    Happy birthday! kid free woohoo, you made M a café Breakfast and you ate porridge? your too good:0)

  2. Happy Belated birthday wishes M sorry I missed it. You’re looking better than ever!

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