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My heart is a bit heavy. Small Brother is leaving in the early hours tomorrow morning. Other issues continue. Oh – and TA-DA! I get to eat nothing for 30 hours (yes – admittedly a first world problem)… SO my mind turns to things I can do. While Small Brother has been here, he and M have been helping up at my dad’s place to do a bit of decluttering and beautifying…they found a rubbish bag full of jumpers knitted by my (sadly departed) grandma.

She was a GUN with her knitting needles. These jumpers are all fair-isle (now that’s a term I’ve never typed before) – and she never used a pattern. She used to knit Smurfs on the front of our jumpers the same way.

Anyway, I was hoping that there would be some old kid-sized ones in the bag, but no – they were all my mum and dad’s. None will be worn again, but it seems wasteful and unsentimental to send them to the op-shop. But they’re not my kind of style. So….(and Karen, as a wool-goddess, feel free to chime in) I’m thinking of felting most of them and making something like this:

This picture is from Resweater

My blanket (should it transpire) will not look as cheerful as this one because of all the fair-isleness and more muted colours. I’m thinking that a blanket is probably the best way to repurpose all that work of my grandma in a useful and functional way. I think having the hexagons will look far better than making cushions from them or something.

Any suggestions welcome. (Karen…I’m looking at YOU!) Hysterically, considering the weather we’ve just had (horribly horribly hot) I am waiting for a warm day to wash all the jumpers as they all reek of damp. They have been stored in a plastic bag for at least ten years. Ewwww. Once I’ve done that I’ll post some pictures of them…


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  1. I can’t think of what you could do with them. LOL, the horror of cutting them apart but better than not using them at all. They might have moth holes depending on whether or not the bags were sturdy enough. I think felting them and using them somehow is an excellent idea and I’m partial to felted wool items even though I’ve never done it myself. I guess my suggestion to you would be to google something like “recycling wool sweaters into felted items” or some such. I think you could come up with some pretty cool items with the Fair Isle patterning. You could make the smalls some felted slippers and maybe some felted mittens? Maybe felted berets? Ipad covers, Ipod covers etc, etc. I guess it depends on how good your sewing skills are. Maybe a felted teapot cosy? The list goes on and on.

  2. Oh another idea. If the sweaters are in good shape you might consider selling them on ebay as Fair Isle sweaters are coming back into their own.

  3. beth

    Oh – I think I would rather cut them apart than give them away or sell them. I have felted something ACCIDENTALLY and done it very well 🙁 a hot wash in the machine – scream at what you’ve done – cold rinse – FELT! I tried to do some today, but didn’t have time to do the cold bit – I might throw them in the dryer for 30min and see if that felts them a bit more (these are practice ones from jumpers I collected to make Small DB woolly trousers from the legs…) My sewing skills are very limited, but might stretch to zigzagging hexagons together?

  4. seepi

    I dont’ know if I would bother with hexagons – much easier to do nice big rectangles, and will show off the fair isle much better.

    happy felting.

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