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Hot Fuss

This past week has been one of those times that will be referred to in the future as ‘The Heatwave of 2013″. Exhausting, beating heat that has barely been relieved by nightfall. We endeavoured to go to the beach after dinner most nights to cool off – so much for my grand plans to attain some sort of revision to the Smalls sleep habits. That will just have to wait another week or so until the end of daylight savings means Something Must Give (probably me).

Small Brother arrived unexpectedly in the midst of the hotness straight out of snowy New York. He appears to be coping thus far and is here until the weekend before departing back to New York (for three hours) and then on to Brazil.

Yesterday he parked himself in the loungeroom and worked on his laptop. He was lucky enough to witness:
– Quiet Playing: wherein the Smalls play together with a minimum of supervision and disaster
– The Determined Awakeness of Zombie DB: resulting M arguing with me about how to make her sleep, ending in me walking her slowly down the street in my arms in 36 degree heat until she could resist it no longer
– The Meltdown: (in both senses) of Small DB awakening after not enough sleep in a puddle of sweat
– Grumpy M: nothing he hasn’t seen before, but undoubtedly reassures him that nothing has changed since the time he lived with us in Seddon for a year.

After the Smalls dinner we all went to Balnarring beach – not my favourite destination, but we met some friends there and splashed around a bit. Having an extra person – an extra bit of family is just lovely. Small Brother took Small DB to look at a duck and make sandcastles, while I got to swim unencumbered with M and Small Z.

We got home to a house like a third rate horror film – the neighbours were out on the street. Everyone’s electricity was flickering on and off. Excitable M went and busted out the camping gas lamp. Small Brother went on a bottle shop run. The Smalls went on sleepstrike until 10pm…

We slept last night in a house full of warm soup. This morning a breeze came through to stir the air a little, but it wasn’t until about 10am that there was a proper cool change… Blessed relief. Small Brother disappeared back to Loch and I spent the day in the office.

No more hot days for a while, please.


In my basket…



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  1. You describe it so well I can just picture you all sweltering in the heat there. Hopefully that will be the end of the heatwaves for you.

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