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Yoghurt Update. Garlic Breath.

I keep on keeping on – endeavouring to stay in the present and generally ignore the past and whatever the future might be*. What is helping is MAKING and FIXING. I am also about to finally get stuck into the Incredible Year Life WorkBook – well, I say that, when what I mean is that I bought a folder and holepunched the shit out of my print-outs this afternoon…more making.

OK. The YOGHURT experiments. I was watching the lovely Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall on River Cottage the other night and he included how he makes his own yoghurt. I have been tiring of my slow-cooker ways. This post suggested keeping it at just below boiling for three hours. Sorry. I cannot keep doing this – it takes TOO MUCH TIME.

Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall, on the other hand, appeared to make pretty good stuff in an inordinately short amount of time. So last night, here’s what I did:

Two litres of milk in microwave for seven minutes.


Two litres of milk back in microwave for two mintues.

Wait about ten or so minutes so you can hold your finger in it for 30 seconds without screaming (a technical form of measurement often used by…um…me.)

Wob in a slodge of yoghurt. (In my case it was store-bought organic natural yoghurt because M had eaten all of the last batch leaving me nothing to work with. I am hoping this is not the key factor of my success…)

Wrap it snugly, bung on a heatpack, put in a insulated bag from 10pm until 5pm…


Yoghurt! DIY.

This was the best I’ve ever made, and it took about 20 minutes.

My other therapeutic thing was to dig up all the garlics I grew. I kept forgetting they were there and the little patch was all overgrown with weeds. Here they are:

I dug 'em up from under

I am keen to see if it is as potent as the stuff I grew last year. We have tomatoes just starting to blush and our bean teepee is going gangbusters!!

*If this sounds oblique, just know that things are difficult and that I will refrain from discussing them here to both be respectful and to not piss anyone off…


Just whistle…and sing


Getting oneself in order.


  1. seepi

    I am totally going to try this – I wish he had a 1 litre version though. did you microwave yours is a big glass cooking bowl? 2 litres is a lot of milk. How much yogurt did you add – half a cup-ish?

    I plant garlic around my roses – it is meant to stop aphids – I have never dug one up yet…

  2. Thanks for posting to my blog. My hard drive crashed and I lost all my blog favourites so I’ve missed out on you and the little ones for the past bit.

  3. Claire

    So… you need yoghurt to *make* yoghurt?

  4. beth

    @seepi – I used the insert from my slow cooker, but you could just use a big cooking bowl. I generally add half a cup of yoghurt to it. Every other time but this one the two litres has probably made just over one litre of yoghurt – but this time I would have got closer to two litres. It’s crazy good!

    @Karen – I had to check on you – I missed you!!

    @Claire – you need yoghurt to make yoghurt. This time I took out about half a cup or so and froze it so that we can finish what we have in the fridge.

  5. Jess

    I’ll have to try that yogurt method. Because I’m ridiculously out of touch with in civilsation (I’m on the hunt for a cheap laptop to remedy this..)what is this Incredible year LIfe workbook??!

  6. beth

    @Jess – the workbook thing is by this Australian woman – it’s $10 and you print it out and it’s basically an attempt to map the coming year – your goals and aims – etc etc. I haven’t started it yet – I would need two hours of kidfree time, but… it sounds interesting…

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