6 comments on “Yoghurt Update. Garlic Breath.

  1. seepi on ·

    I am totally going to try this – I wish he had a 1 litre version though. did you microwave yours is a big glass cooking bowl? 2 litres is a lot of milk. How much yogurt did you add – half a cup-ish?

    I plant garlic around my roses – it is meant to stop aphids – I have never dug one up yet…

  2. Thanks for posting to my blog. My hard drive crashed and I lost all my blog favourites so I’ve missed out on you and the little ones for the past bit.

  3. @seepi – I used the insert from my slow cooker, but you could just use a big cooking bowl. I generally add half a cup of yoghurt to it. Every other time but this one the two litres has probably made just over one litre of yoghurt – but this time I would have got closer to two litres. It’s crazy good!

    @Karen – I had to check on you – I missed you!!

    @Claire – you need yoghurt to make yoghurt. This time I took out about half a cup or so and froze it so that we can finish what we have in the fridge.

  4. Jess on ·

    I’ll have to try that yogurt method. Because I’m ridiculously out of touch with in civilsation (I’m on the hunt for a cheap laptop to remedy this..)what is this Incredible year LIfe workbook??!

  5. beth on ·

    @Jess – the workbook thing is by this Australian woman – it’s $10 and you print it out and it’s basically an attempt to map the coming year – your goals and aims – etc etc. I haven’t started it yet – I would need two hours of kidfree time, but… it sounds interesting…

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