Matchstick head.

Oh whatever. Here’s a photo that my vanity deems acceptable for the interweb. Let me state that one of my parents failed to comment on it whatsoever (the other one is on a c-r-u-i-s-e, but would have definitely shrieked in horror) – and my office manager said nothing either (although I did look pretty annhiliated from almost zero sleep – maybe she couldn’t see the red hair because of the red eyes and bags? Michelle, my partner in file slavery – if you are out there, say NOTHING.)

It has thankfully faded a bit and the Smalls haven’t blinked an eye. Rawr. I still have no good hair product, but that has to change. STAT.



Slip Sliding Away


Just whistle…and sing


  1. It makes your eyes look really blue. As to being really red, it’d be more fun to see the colour in person.

    I know it’s a stage to going brown but I have to say it’s probably fun to rock it out a bit isn’t it?

    Me I’ve never had the courage to venture from anything but plain old brown. I do admire those that do though.

  2. Rie

    Me likee, no boring, astounding blue eye.
    Love, love, love xxxxxxxxx

  3. beth

    Sadly I had a day of hair despair, and after my neighbour’s friend said it wasn’t good I crumbled. Am now (depending on your viewpoint) scintillating pop brown or ‘deep chocolate’. And disliking it… Gah.

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