Eeeeep! I am sitting here looking different. Like I said – there is no more bleach going on my head. A little bit of reading. One short brain spasm. One swift trip to the supermarket.

I have bright red hair. That should be BRIGHT RED HAIR. So very bright. I am comforting myself that in order to head back to brownland, you have to go red when travelling from bleach blonde. So instead of throwing on the red and then putting on the brown (this apparently stops the green and muddy look) – I thought I’d have a red week.

But I will reassess in the morning. There are photos, but I’m too vain to post them. The first one shows bored blonde me, the second shows me bug eyed with dye all over my head and the last one looks like a matchstick. I lack product, so make that a fuzzy matchstick. I am a pseudo beauty-school-drop-out.

Wait until I get to brownland and begin that whole sad cycle of tinting my hair…and being startled that it turns black. Oh yes. Fun times.