Wild Thing Monday

Yesterday morning I put the Smalls and I in the shower all together for the first time. It was Small DB’s second ever shower and she is getting much braver about the spray. She is making progress in many areas – we are in the midst of her two-year-old molars coming through – they are B-I-G! And she is doing awesomely well with her toilet-training – it being summer makes it far easier for her – but she has just begun of her own accord to run to the toilet and use it without any baby-seat or adult assistance. Mah-vellous!

Then we went to Balnarring Beach to hook up with the Peninsula WildThings who are a group of homeschoolers that do a nature walk or similar every Monday morning. I am trying to get Small Z a little more involved in such things, but it’s difficult when they are so often a half hour drive away in Frankston.

This was ten minutes away, so I was keen to attend! It was lovely – we were the newbies, but we had a great time just kicking back on the beach for about three hours. We were the first to leave (I had not planned to go for so long, ran out of food, Small Z had a meltdown) but we are keen to return. It was a positive start to things – and the older kids that were there were just divine and took Small Z rockpooling for an hour. Heavenly

I refuelled the Smalls at a cafe and in doing so found myself another pair of stray sunglasses. I am not convinced they are completely my style…but everything looks so great through them I am putting off taking them back to the cafe and handing them in. My conscience is pricking….

I found these sunglasses today. I remain unconvinced.

Then, the park…to swing away a little bit more of the afternoon. I am loving this weather at the moment…



And so on…


You don’t have to put on a red light…


  1. Jess

    sounds good, I take my hat off to you for doing homeschooling,I think you’ll be great.

  2. beth

    Hey Jess 🙂 love your words! Most people raise their eyebrows…but I haven’t had any outright ‘YOU ARE SO WEIRD’ reactions… I’m excited about it. It feels right!
    Need to catch up with you lot…

  3. Jess

    Well if it feels right it IS right!! good on you x yep been an age must catch up cant do mon, wed and thurs, all other days fine, at the moment, unless I find a good…Freak out!!

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