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And so on…

Small Brother and his Canadian sidekick were here for ten days and are currently skimming above the clouds on their way back to New York. I hate those goodbyes. I have been endeavouring to improve my mood by making things. Thus, the two Smalls both got a skirt each (I write that like I do this kind of thing all the time). I have NEVER made a skirt – each one was from a leg of some Very Large ladies PJs….

her new skirt
I sewed the skirt, she sewed the bag

Otherwise, I have been feeling too much like this to blog…
how I feel now

…but M has quite a few new blog entries that will tide things over…moondriven


When the moon hits your eye…


Wild Thing Monday


  1. Jess

    Great Skirts, love the material! Think my sewing machine will need a dusting off!

  2. I’ve seen little sundresses made from pillowcases. Nip off one end for the straps, hem the bottom, hem the top with a casing for an elastic to gather it and voila instant sundress. You could look for some pillowcases at the op-shop next time you go.

  3. @karen you know me too well!! I have already collected a lot of gorgeous vintage pillowcases…just haven’t attempted the sewing bit yet…but you’ve inspired me anew!!

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